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Harmony with Others


Professor Mitch Goldfarb and members of the Rising Phoenix Tai Chi Arts Club

Members of WCU's Tai Chi Arts Club

Mindfulness in Giving Back

West Chester University students approached Professor Mitch Goldfarb to deepen their understanding of the Art of Tai Chi. Their joy of self-discovery through its Taoist principles gave them a glimpse into the richness of the journey.

Originally started as an advanced study group, WCU Tai Chi Arts Club has expanded into community service. It’s mindful approach to daily living now extends beyond the classroom and the university’s walls.

Through raising awareness WCU Tai Chi Arts Club is working in pursuit of excellence, taking the Tai Chi principles into everyday life.

As the club’s faculty advisor, Professor Goldfarb states: "I'm so very proud of the club members' mindfulness in raising money for local charities and the deeds they are focusing on to give back to the community. They clearly demonstrate a harmony with the world around them."

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