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Yang Cheng Fu :: Yang Style Tai Chi 88 Form

Yang Style Tai Chi 88 Form

Pictures of Yang Cheng Fu performing 88 Yang Taichi. Yang Cheng Fu (1886-1936) was the grandson of Yang Lu Chan and the standard bearer of Yang style Taijiquan. Yang Cheng Fu was of the third generation and given credit for the creation of the large frame form. In 1928, Cheng Man-Ching met and began to study with Yang Cheng Fu. When Yang Cheng-Fu's wife became ill, Professor Cheng was asked to cure her. As the story goes, after she was cured, Yang Cheng-Fu was so thankful that he took the young Cheng as a disciple and taught him him all the secret oral transmissions.

William C.C. Chen :: Tai Chi Chuan 60 Postures Form

60 Posture Tai Chi Form

This is a very early video of Master Chen doing his 60 Movement Form. It is not the 108 form, which he also teaches. He says that his 60 Movement Form is basically the same as the Professor Cheng Man Ching's except that he took out some repetitions and added in a few movements from the long form. The movements which were added back in are often referenced in class to make teaching points related to frequently quoted practice maxims.


William C.C. Chen :: 60 Posture Form and Interview

60 Posture Form & Interview

The interview section contains good insights.

Cheng Man Ching's :: Tai Chi Chuan - Bear Movement

Cheng Man Ching's Favorite

Grandmaster Cheng Man Ching was a prominent Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor. His favorite movement is the Bear Movement. He suggested that people should practice it once in the morning, once in the evening, and half an hour after each meal. Cheng Man Ching also suggested that people should feel the energy travel from the tailbone up to the crown of the head.  

Great Application: Long-distance flying can cause health issues, including neck and/or back stiffness, or leg cramps. The Bear Movement can help avoid these discomforts. It not only boosts immunity, but also helps improve the Tai Chi Form, especially Repulse Monkey and Golden Rooster.