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Professor Mitch Goldfarb's musical and production background has come in handy for several fun projects, including Instructional CDs, Guided Meditations, Mindful Music and Books.



Tai Chi and the Art of Mindfulness

Tai Chi and the Art of Mindfulness - A Ch'i Essential Workbook by Mitch Goldfarb - Tai Chi Arts School - Downingtown, Exton, West Chester, PA

Playful and revealing, Mitch Goldfarb’s collection of Ch’i Essential activities leads the reader on an adventure of exploring mindfulness in daily life through living the Tai Chi principles. These principles are the keys to the kingdom of inner peace and empowerment.

Tai Chi and the Art of Mindfulness is an incredible source of wisdom and one of the greatest life coaches I have ever seen."
      — Bernie Siegel, MD
     Bestselling author of The Art of Healing and 365 Prescriptions For The Soul


Do Less ~ Achieve More

CD - Do Less Achieve More - Guided Tai Chi Instruction by Professor Goldfarb - Tai Chi Arts

Professor Goldfarb's CD Do Less - Achieve More, a Guided Instruction for the Short Yang Form is used in West Chester University classes. Students have found this step-by-step narrative simple and easy to follow, allowing for a deeper enjoyment of the T'ai Chi Form. It's available at the University Bookstore.


Native Path

CD - Native Path - Music for Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation by Mitch Goldfarb & Jon Current - Tai Chi Arts

Mitch has also been actively involved in writing and producing various healing and meditation CD’s, including five CD’s for Dr. Deepak Chopra. Goldfarb’s CD Native Path for T’ai Chi, Yoga and meditation is out on the Kunduru label and available on iTunes.


Embracing Abundance

CD - Embracing Abundance - 5 Guided Meditations Produced by Mitch Goldfarb- Tai Chi Arts

Mitch's writing and production can also be heard on the Living Consciously By Design meditation and mindful living series, Embracing Abundance. In this wonderful five CD collection, Mitch teams with spiritual leader Normand René Poulin in creating a guided meditation experience like none other. The series is available at their website.


Audio Text - Do Less Achieve More by Professor Mitch Goldfarb - Tai Chi Arts School